Servicing Cars And Homes for the Heat

As temperatures continue to rise you should be asking if the AC in your car and home, are in shape to keep you cool this summer. Cooling and AC specialists say the calls have been pouring in over the last couple of weeks, but there’s a few things you can do before you have to call in the professionals.

With near-record breaking temps, there’s been a mad dash to one Montgomery auto-shop  with around 50 more customers a week pulling in to have their ac checked or repaired, the owner says. Matt Woodham of Jim Woodham & Son Tire & Auto says now is also a good time to make sure you get the rest of the car checked out too — especially your tires which are way more likely to blowout between May and October.

House calls have more than tripled for Chastain Heating and Air Conditioning.  Wayne Chastain- owner and heating and cooling technician says they are currently giving priority to those that have no AC, and are putting customers that only need their air serviced, while they catch up with the demand for their services.

On average, homeowners pay about $300 for air conditioner repairs nationally. Sometimes you have no choice but to call a professional, but specialists say checking and changing your air filter year-round is one of the cheapest ways to keep your AC unit cooling properly and avoid costly repairs.  “It costs around $5 to $6, but just keeping them changed makes a huge difference” Chastain explained.

Cleaning the dirt and debris from around your air conditioning with a hose may also keep you from having to call a repair man, but the best advice to  homeowners Chastain says  is not to wait around. “March and April when it first starts warming up, get them looked at get them checked” he said.





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