Emergency Kits Donated to Pike County Schools

Pike County Schools received a generous donation Wednesday.

100 Stop the Bleed emergency kits, used to help reduce blood loss in traumatic situations, are being distributed throughout the school system.

“You know, in the event that we had something, and this is the kind of thing that we hope to never have to use, we want to make sure that its there just in case,” Adminstrative Assistant to the Superintendent of Pike County Schools Dr. Mark Head says.

The donation was paid for by donations from the Brundidge Rotary Club and the Pike County Board of Education. The kits will be placed throughout the five county schools.

“These kits will allow the teachers, and the students as well, to close the the trauma gap and immediately respond to somebody who’s maybe potentially bleeding to death,” Stop the Bleed State Coordinator Jacob Fannin says.

Each kit can treat up to three people and includes items that could help save lives.

“The kits themselves will contain a turnacate, a trauma dressing, a chest seal, and several other items that are essential for immediate response to massive hemorrhage,” Fannin says.

Pike County Schools and Stop the Bleed officials are preparing for a training session later this summer. The session will help educate the staff on how to use the items found within the kits.

“We will be meeting with the teachers in August to train all of the staff and how to use this equipment, and they get the opportunity to get hands on with the kits,” Fannin says.

“Making sure that we get the training here and Jacob being willing to come and do that so that everybody feels comfortable doing it,” Head says. “We don’t want to lose any seconds in the event we had to use something like that.”

Pike County School officials say their next step is to make sure every classroom has a Stop the Bleed kit.

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