Gathering of Eagles Continues With Public Meet and Greet

Overcoming adversities is something military heroes who are honorees of the 2019 Gathering of Eagles have done well.

It is especially inspiring for students like Jansan Urdang who is part Civil Air Patrol – a nationwide organization that does search and rescue and cadet programs.

“Since our organization is based on building up the leaders of tomorrow, it’s a great opportunity for me and other cadets that are around here to experience from the best of the best in air power,” said Jansan Urdang.

Just like Urdang, others in the younger generation are hoping to learn more from the 2019 Eagles.

“It’s an honor and I just want to learn how they do stuff,” said Darriel Wallace.

Some people attending have a history in the air force.

“The air force is near and dear to my heart. My dad was retired air force as well,” said Kia Wallace.

“I’m a air force vet. I was in Randolph Field in 1968, so I’m thrilled to be here tonight and hear from all the speakers,” said Laurel Jones.

After hearing the encouraging stories from those on the stage, people had the chance to meet each honoree one-on-one.

“The program has been in place since the 1980’s but it’s been kind of constrained to the base. If you had base access you had access to our eagles. Most of live in this community and want people to meet these wonderful innovators in air and space,” said Valyncia Hill, a Gathering of Eagles Foundation Board Member.

Having those personal conversations are valuable for those who dream of a future in air command.

“I just want to take away from that – just some of the experiences and stuff they have to say. Maybe I can use that for my future,” said Urdang.

To learn more about the Gathering of Eagles Foundation click here.

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