Longtime Millbrook Business Shut Down

An empty parking lot, closed doors and windows, it’s an unusual lunch hour sight at Smokehouse BBQ in Millbrook.  The restaurant has been in business for over 25 years, but was shut down last week after falling behind on sales tax payments.

“Only two months out of the 12, had those taxes been remitted,” explained Mayor Al Kelley.

Kelley says the city tried to work with the business for months before its business license was revoked.   He says there was no cooperation from the owner.

“We tried our best, we gave plenty of notices, we asked, we sent people down there, we did everything we could possibly do,” he shared.

Owner Corrine Crimes tells a different story.

“If they cared they would do anything in their power to help me keep the restaurant,” she explained in a phone interview Monday.

Crimes admits she was behind on sales taxes, but was working to pay the money back.  She appealed the city’s initial decision to revoke the business license.

“The state was helping me to get on a payment plan so I could start paying back, my back taxes to Millbrook,” Crimes said.

Crimes says she hopes to open another business in the future, but plans to do business outside of Millbrook.   Mayor Kelley says he thinks Smokehouse BBQ will open under new ownership in the future.


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