Concerns Over Prattville Rezoning, Involving Possible Apartment Complex

Many people attended a meeting in Prattville Tuesday night about a rezoning in east Prattville that could result into a multi-family complex by the developer MVAH Holding LLC.

Some people  oppose the idea of an apartment complex at Old Farm lane and Vista Point Boulevard.
People like Tammy Shipp oppose the idea, saying that it is for low-income housing.

“When you have low income housing, it’s not the apartment complex that does the crime, it’s the people – not everyone but there are people that do the crimes,” said Shipp.

However, Councilman Richard Cables says that it is not the case.

“The developer is bringing I think they call it a grade A, market rate apartment complex,” said Cables.

Cables filed a motion to postpone the council’s vote on the complex after hearing concern after concern from people.


The things brought up tonight – a couple of them I deemed esteemed would need further investigation,” said Cables.

Patrick Lucas is in support of the complex, hoping that it continues to grow Prattville.

“I thought that it is a bad reflection of Prattville. We’re better than this. The things they were saying – overcrowded. I’ve did the research. Nothing says section 8. Nothing says low income,” said Lucas.

The council approved the motion to postpone their vote on the rezoning for July 2nd.

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