Cold Case Unit Coming to the Montgomery County District Attorney’s Office

“Help is on the way!!”

That’s what Montgomery County’s District Attorney Daryl Bailey is telling hundreds of families seeking justice for a loved one’s murder. His office is getting a new cold case unit.

Stacks of unsolved murder cases could finally be re-opened for answers, now that Montgomery County will have a cold case unit.

Furlesia Bell worked with the district attorney’s office to push county commissioners to agree to the unit.

“I screamed and they heard me,” said Bell.

Bell lost two family members whose cases are unsolved.

“My brother Charlie J. McCord was murdered in his barbershop on October 14, 2014 which was largely what brought this about. But also my nephew Nordricquise Caldwell was just murdered this year on February 3rd in his home on Rigby Street.”

District Attorney Daryl Bailey says he is working with the Montgomery County Sheriff and Montgomery Police Chief for an investigator and detectives.

“The first thing we’re going to do is see what we have. How many cases? What stages? We’re going to go back to the old cases and see if there are any of those that we could submit for technology that wasn’t available then such as DNA,” said Bailey.

Bailey says, the team will also take a second look at recent cases.

“If you think about it – we have an average of ten unsolved murders a year over the last 20 years that you have 200 murderers just walking the streets of Montgomery right now,” said Bailey.

Right now, the unit is around $100,00  with a $60,000 investment from the county for an investigator.

“This is actually cheap if we can actually get some of these cases solved and bring justice to these families. No amount of money can take the place of a life,” said Bailey.

Bell wants those families that are suffering from their loss to to never give up.

“Never give up hope, never give up hope. You are their voice. They’re not here anymore. If I had stop speaking for my brother, we would not be here where we are at right now,” said Bell.

Bailey says he plans to meet with the Montgomery County Sheriff and the Montgomery Police Chief next week to continue putting everything in place for the unit.

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