Hope Inspired Ministries Moving from Historic Downtown Presbyterian Church

For 8 years, Hope Inspired Ministries has taught classes inside of the old Presbyterian church in downtown Montgomery.

“They gave us that space – no rent and no utility cost so they were a valuable part of us even getting off the ground,” said Michael Coleman, Executive Director of Hope Inspired Ministries.

But this week, is moving week for the ministry.  First Baptist Church of Montgomery owns the historic building.  Jay Wolf, the pastor of First Baptist of Montgomery says that the building should be demolished because it’s not stable.

However, a new space on Coliseum Boulevard, for Hope Inspired Ministries is twice the size of their old space.

“This building and the one right beside it that comes with it combined is about 6200 square feet,” said Coleman.

Coleman says the old space was around 2500 square feet.

“The girl scout building in which we’ve purchased allows us to be in a neighborhood where there is a lot of foot traffic. The transportation system goes right in front of the building. We get a lot of walk-through traffic right down from the mental health clinic,” said Coleman.

Former and current students say it allows for more connections.

“It’s a lot more area to have one on one with the teacher instead of in the other building,” said Christopher Poe, a former student.

“The people that come through here, they go through a lot of different issues and some people handle it a lot differently than others and so they need one on one time just to talk – not anything in the classrooms but just their issues,” said James Frost, a current student.

Coleman says the new space allows the ministry to continue being a safe place for those in need.

“When they’re with us, we’re going to provide that safety net while we’re also challenging them to grow and be everything God has created them to be,” said Coleman.

Monday, Alabama News Network spoke with  Jay Wolf who is the pastor of First Baptist of Montgomery. Wolf says as of right now, over $3 million have been raised to build a new caring center in the place of the historic Presbyterian church. There is no word yet on when demolition could begin for the church.

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