Local Humane Societies Seeing Increase In Kitten Intakes

Local humane societies are reporting huge spikes in the numbers of kitten intakes in the past few weeks.

It’s leading humane society officials to send out an important message.

“Fix your cats, fix your cats, fix your cats,” Humane Society of Elmore County Executive Director Rea Cord says. “Fix them before they have a litter.”

The Elmore County clinic has seen 528 kitten intakes alone since April. According to Cord, the months of April through July are known as “kitten season.” Its a period of increased mating for stray cats and dogs.

“It’s kind of a vicious cycle that just continues so this is where spay and neuter is the single fix to all of this,” Cord says.

Cord says the problem will continue if the cats are not trapped, brought in and fixed, and released.

“Which does cost money, I understand but it is still medical surgery,” Cord says.

Clinics like the the Alabama Animal Alliance offer spay and neuter procedures, ranging in prices.
Since opening in 2007, more than 86,000 surgeries have been performed.

“Since that time, we’ve seen a reduction in the number of animals that are being surrendered to our shelters and the number of shelters that are free roaming in our community,” Founder Rachel Tears says.

Tears encourages residents to make appointments.
“Here at the clinic, we do them as young as four month of age, because we know at that age they are able to reproduce,” Tears says.

Cord says its going to take a community effort to help reduce the number of stray kittens in the area.
“If your just feeding, and it’s going to make some people mad, but if you’re just feeding and you’re not fixing, you are contributing to the problem because you are helping them breed more and bigger litters,” Cord says.

Local clinics like the Alabama Animal Alliance Spay and Neuter Clinic e offer assistance for spay and neuter procedures to those who qualify.

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