Lessons Learned from Lee County Tornado

Emergency officials from across the state have been in Prattville for three days for the 2019 Alabama Disaster Preparedness Conference. Today, one of the topics discussed was what can be learned from the EF-4 tornado that hit Lee County in March.

Meteorologists determined that the tornado brought 170 mph winds and left a track almost a mile wide. The storm that hit in Beauregard on March 3 killed 23 people.

Emergency Management Agency officials looked at the buildings and houses in Lee County, those that survived those strong winds and those that did not.

Experts say that while mobile homes are far from the safest place to be during severe weather, in some cases homes that appeared to be structurally sound, like a brick house, were also flattened in that storm. It’s why officials say preparing for a disaster is about more than just sending out watches and warnings.

For homeowners or for those are looking to buy a home, that could mean finding out what type of foundation your house is built upon, or determining the most secure place in your home.

There’s no such thing as a home that is completely tornado proof, but experts say if you’re looking to buy new a home, you may want to look into homes that are fortified, or have a rating to withstand stronger winds.

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