Town Of Georgiana Holds First Amnesty Court in Two Years

Residents in georgiana who have warrants for traffic tickets and other fines were given a second chance Thursday to have their cases resolved.

It was part of the city’s Amnesty Court program.

The program allows residents to go before a judge, plead guilty, and allow the judge to set up an easy payment plan.

Those who come to the court have their cases dismissed.

The amnesty court is for warrants involving traffic tickets, misdemeanor arrests, and license suspensions.

“It gives them the opportunity to take care of those tickets so they won’t have anything on their record,” Georgiana Mayor Jerome Antone says. “If their licenses is suspended, if they go ahead on and take care of those fines, they can get their license renewed”

We spoke with people about how the court helps local residents.

“I had a warrant on me so I had to come out here and try to get it off,” Jamie Williams says. “They said make a payment plan for $50 a month.”

“I think its a really good program for people that really cant afford to pay a whole lot of money,” Edith Rich says. “You can use the court to get this settled so that you won’t have to be hiding from the police and just get things, get your license back get back to your jobs. ”

Georgiana holds its Amnesty Court once every two to three years.

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