Fathers Enjoy Special Day with Family

It’s Father’s Day. For many dads, that means spending some well-deserved time with their children and families.

“I woke up and got the best Father’s Day present I ever have gotten,” father of five kids Keith Trawick says. “My sweet little baby girl wrapped herself and gave me that as her present.”

Whether it was watching animals at the Montgomery Zoo or riding go karts at Go Karting Montgomery, fathers were having fun.

“The zoo was uncharted territory for us and fathers get in free today so that was one of the big attractions for us today,” Neil Pallotta says.

Some fathers say their holiday doesn’t get as much attention as Mother’s Day.

“We don’t get our due but we don’t take it personal,” Shawn McCall says. “We know, we understand what we do and enjoy it.”

For others, they say they have continued to learn many life lessons since becoming fathers.

“Responsibility and teaching things,” Michael Chandler says. “You don’t always have to be good at something to try and teach it.”

“Being patient because everyone has a different personality so you have to mesh with that and teach from that,” George Guilford says.

But the biggest lesson some have learned is that family is most important.

“That there are ups and downs and ins and outs and staying together as a family is the most important thing,” Trawick says.

“I hope they enjoy their kids, especially while they’re young because when they get older, you still get to spend time with them but not as much as you did when they were younger,” father Michael Hurst says.

Places like the Montgomery Zoo and Go Karting Montgomery offered dads free admission or free rides for fathers day.

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