Discussing the Future of Charter Schools

School may be out. But that does not stop the conversation on education – particularly with charter schools.

“The charter school movement is starting in Montgomery with Lead Academy this Fall and we hope to provide an education that gives people a choice and they don’t have to move away from our city to have a choice. They don’t have to go to auburn, or pike road, or Prattville,” said Lori White, a board member for Lead Academy.

Lori White, a Lead Academy board member says it is all about giving parents a choice.

“We hope to work collaboratively with the traditional schools and form a partnership. We’re about the student. We’re not about the teachers, not our administration we’re about our students,” said White.

Lakeshia McCovery has recently enrolled her grandchild into Lead Academy.

“I’m really hopeful that Montgomery will come together and realize that parents need to have options and not just – this is what you got, this is what you got, because of where you live, or this is because of the color of your skin. We need to have options that will benefit our students because regardless he students are the ones that have to live together at the end of the day,” said Lakeshia McCovery

“Public education is a public good. That means that it belongs to us. That means that we should be able to ask questions to anyone in positions of power or leadership, about the quality of education that’s being provided for babies each and every single day,” says Krystal Allen Founder of K. Allen Consulting.

Some parents say, conversations like these are worthwhile for the future of education.

“Charter schools and traditional schools are awesome but the thing is – finding the correct information because a lot of times we’re not getting the information,” said McCovery.

Lead Academy has recently closed Fall enrollment. The school opens on August 19th.  The school will have grades K – 5. Leaders have plans to expand to the 12th grade in seven years.

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