“Builders For Christ” Volunteers Come to Union Springs

Members of a Bullock County church will soon have a new place of worship.

It’s all thanks to a group of special volunteers.

The group is called “Builders for Christ.”

They travel the Southeast donating time and money to help build churches.

“This is what I do for vacation and I couldn’t think of a better place in all the world to take a vacation than doing something like this,” Builders For Christ team leader Vincent Bainbridge says.

Mt. Hilliard Baptist Church will soon have a new church building.
Builders for Christ members have been sawing their way towards the finish.

“We have four teams,” Bainbridge says. “We have framing team that comes in a frames it, and as you see, this building was done in a week. Then we come in and do all the mechanical in a week.”

There is also a sheetrock team and a finishing team.

Volunteers say they use their own vacation time, money, and labor to travel, but it’s something they say they love to do.
They say the rewards they receive are better than anything they could ask for.

“Every year, we get an opportunity to meet new people, a new church, help grow the community and so that’s why i do it,” volunteer Clay Breznik says.

“We get no pay down here on earth,” Bainbridge says. “We got a lot of return pay in blessings here on this earth, but we’re doing this for our God.”

Some have been volunteers for decades.
“Some of the team have been doing it since the mid-eighties, so thirty-five, forty years,” Bainbridge says.

It’s the impact they’ve seen on previous projects that keep the volunteers preparing for the next one.

“It’s heart-warming and it’s just incredible that we get this opportunity to do this,” Breznik says.

Mt. Hilliard Baptist Church is expected to open for service later this year.

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