Montgomery Mayoral Forum Focuses on Education, Crime, and Future of West Montgomery

Montgomery’s mayoral election is just a couple of months away.

But, some candidates are already speaking publicly on how they plan to lead the Capitol City.

Terry Wooten – one of the voters attending says he wants to hear transparency.

“I came out to see each candidate – to see what their vision is for the community and basically see how they’re going to engage with the youth because that’s where our problems are at in the communities,” said Wooten.

There are 10 candidates in the race.

But only Victorrus Felder, Ronald Davis, Elton Dean, Artur Davis and Butler Browder attended the forum that focused on critical issues that the city is facing.

“We know that the county and city education is in a state of confusion. We know that crime is an all-time high in this city,” said Coordinator Anthony Angelo Burton.

Among the 3 questions on the list, candidates were also asked about their vision for west Montgomery.

“Montgomery is a very growing and productive city – yet it’s a city, with many many challenges, so we need a leader in this city that can is willing to deal with east Montgomery – the boom in east Montgomery and recognize the decline and eroding in west Montgomery.”

Some voters want to know how the next mayor of Montgomery will use technology.

“I would like to hear also how they plan to use social media and technology, in their campaign to get information out to let us know what’s going on in the city because as we all know that’s one of the best tools to reach this younger generation,” said Mario Hooks.

“You get up here you win, saying you’re going to this and do that – then when you win you don’t. So that kind of makes the voting go down. People don’t believe. But this time we want the people to believe and vote.”

Montgomery’s municipal election is Tuesday, August 27th.

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