Pike County Salvation Army Seeing Rise In Thefts

The Pike County Salvation Army is experiencing an increased theft problem.

According to Director Kim May, someone has been destroying the nonprofit’s property, as well.

“Whenever someone leaves donations when we’re not here, when the store’s closed like after-hours or on Sundays, we never see them,” May says.

May says thefts have been a problem for some time, but she’s seen a spike in recent weeks.

“They’ve gone through the donations, got what they wanted, and strewed it around for us to clean up,” May says.

The thieves drag bags of donations down a hill behind the building, and into some vines and bushes, where they rummage through and steal certain items.

“They pull them in there and go through the donations, get what they want out and leave the rest,” May says.

The thieves have destroyed locks on the outside garbage dumpster, stolen a doorway awning, and ripped up flowers from the outside flower beds.

“I try to make the Salvation Army look better with this flower bed,” May says. “This is while we were open, we were in the store working, and somebody just walked by a pulled them (the flowers) out.”

Cameras have been placed outside the building before. Those were also tampered with, and employees quit using them.

“We have cameras inside pointing out, but if we put cameras outside, they just get destroyed,” May says. “They’ll destroy them and paint over them.”

May says the thefts cost the nonprofit money that could go towards helping others. She says the Salvation Amy gives clothes out for free.

“When our donations get stolen that takes away the ability for us to help people because thats what we survive on is donations,” May says.

If anyone notices anything out of the ordinary, you’re encouraged to call the Troy Police Department at 334-566-0500.

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