Andalusia City Officials Caution Residents of Water Filtration System Company

Andalusia city officials are urging caution after residents say a company tried selling them water purification systems worth thousands of dollars.

“It was just a small package that said ‘water test,'” Andalusia resident Teresa Geohagan says. “It was something that just didn’t hit me right.”

Andalusia residents have been receiving water testing kits from a company called “Rain Soft”, asking that water samples be sent back.

The company later calls and advises the resident that the drinking water is harmful and that a water filtration system should be purchased from the company.

“This all started when Mayor Johnson received a complaint from a citizen whose elderly mother had been contacted by someone trying to sell water filtration system,” Andalusia City Clerk Treasurer John Thompson says.

The Mayor advised the resident that this was not connected to the city and that no purchase of the system should be required.

Residents at a local adult activity center say they also received kits.

While many threw theirs in the trash,  Hattie Lawson did not.

“I got to thinking about it and then i said ‘yeah, I’m gonna send this off’ and then I did,” Lawson says.

Lawson says she’s thankful she didn’t go any further.

“We just got to be kinda cautious about what we do,” Lawson says.

Andalusia water officials say they test the water frequently.

“Every month, we’re required to do 16 samples, which are spread out the system, required by the EPA,” Assistant Operations Manager Joey Raybon says.
“We have to check our raw water which is the water that comes before any disinfection occurs.”

City officials say the water is fine and advise caution before making a purchase that could be costly. They say that what Rain Soft is doing isn’t illegal.

“We will come out and test anybody that gives us a call that is concerned with their water quality,” Water/ Sewer Operation Manager Tim Glisson says.

“Be wary of people knocking on your door, solicitations in the mail, reach out to friends and family and neighbors and seek advice,” Thompson says.

The Andalusia Police Department says it is investigating the company.
Calls to Rainsoft’s Enterprise Office went unanswered.
Andalusia city officials say inexpensive filtration systems can be purchased locally.

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