Organizers Preparing for CrimeStoppers Gun BuyBack

An event happening this weekend aims to get guns off the streets.

Crimestoppers annual Gun BuyBack will be held Saturday at First Baptist Church in Montgomery.

“This is just one of the options,” Montgomery County Sheriff Derrick Cunningham says. “We really need to have options on the table to be able to help reduce the amount of gun violence that we do have.”

People can turn in unwanted guns for a cash reward.
Those guns will be turned over to law enforcement for disposal.
Crimestoppers Executive Director Tony Garrett says the event helps keep guns out of the wrong hands.

“The majority of the guns that we got were people had the paper work,” Garrett says. “They just had a gun in their household and they were afraid that somebody would get a hold of the gun.”

“Anytime you can help alleviate our streets from excessive guns that our young people are getting, that’s a great opportunity,” Cunningham says.

The buy back event also keeps the conversation going about gun safety.

Organizers say the conversation is necessary with holidays on the horizon.

“If anything, it gets people talking about guns, talking about violence, talking about things so that they’re thinking about being safe,” Garret says.

“We look forward to the opportunity to help lower the possibility that someone will use these guns to create violence or create robbery or that they will fall into the hands of the wrong people,” Pastor of First Baptist Church of Montgomery Baxter Morris says.

There will also be a Lifesouth blood bank, and community service providers with information about mental health and gun safety.

CrimeStoppers Gun BuyBack will take place Saturday, June 29th at First Baptist Church.

It is located at 347 Ripley Street in Montgomery.
It’ll run from 10 a-m until 1 p-m.

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