Selma City Council to Start Search for New Police Chief and Fire Chief

Spencer Collier announced his retirement as Selma’s Police Chief earlier this month and Tony Stephens resigned as Selma’s Fire Chief in April.

Monday, city council members shared their plan on moving forward.

“We have to do our due diligence as a council and find the most qualified police chief and fire chief,” said Corey Bowie, President of the Selma City Council.

Tuesday, the council will meet to vote on who will take over as interim police chief.

“I think it’s important that we have someone in place after Chief Collier’s retirement on July 30th,” said Bowie.

Following that vote, the council plans to put together two search committees for both the police chief and fire chief positions.

“The committee would be comprised of citizens, business owners, former law enforcement, and former fire employees. I think it’s very important that we engage the community and also the business community to select the two heads that’s going to head the fire department and police department and safety is paramount,” said Bowie.

Once interviews begin for the candidates, the public will be invited.

“That’s a good thing because you need community input when it comes to such delicate matters,” said Veedan Chimehrura, a Selma resident.

As for the qualities that people want in their next leaders?

“Accountability and transparency among others,” said Chimehrura.

“The most important thing is – we find the most qualified candidate for the fire chief and police chief,” said Bowie.

Council president Corey Bowie says he plans to make a recommendation to include funding for an assistant police chief in the city’s upcoming budget.

Selma City Council members plan to vote on the city’s interim police Tuesday, beginning at 5 pm at the Selma City Hall.

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