Selma City Council Names Interim Police Chief

The city of Selma is one step closer to having a new police chief.

Tuesday, city council members named former Selma Police Chief, Robert Green Interim Chief while they begin the process.

“He was former Chief of Selma back in the 2000’s and he also served as chief of police in Northport, Alabama,” said  Corey Bowie, President of the Selma City Council.

Bowie believes green is the perfect person to fill-in.

“I feel because of his wealth of knowledge in the criminal justice field. Chief Green was part of the weed and seed back in 1998 and you know we just received a weed and seed grant and I feel that he would be a very pivotal role in helping with the strategies that the city of Selma needs,” said Bowie.

Bowie says Green could help push the city forward in decreasing crime.

“One of the most important things that we’re going to look for with Chief Green is recruit and not only recruit new officers but also retain them,” said Bowie.

During Tuesday’s meeting , council members recognized the city’s police department for their work.
Some people attending, say they are ready for a new chief.

“Not only involved in the city but can be seen by the city. Not just a phantom police chief but one you can actually see when crimes take place. I’m use to a chief showing up on the crime scene and figuring out what to do,” said Selma resident Reginald Wells.

For now, Green will serve as the interim chief for the next 90 days. Residents say they are simply happy that the process has started.

“We are already behind. So we need to move forward. We should’ve done this a long time ago,” said Wells.

The search for Selma’s next police chief comes at the same time that council begins the search for a new chief.



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