Merger, Renovations Ahead for Eastside Branch YMCA

Two Montgomery area YMCAs are planning to merge into one location and renovations have already started.

A merger between the Westminster Branch and the Southeast Branch locations will soon be called the Midtown YMCA. It will be located at the current Southeast Branch.

“We’ve got renovations to our locker rooms that are going on actively right now, as we speak,” President of the YMCA for the Greater Montgomery Gary Cobbs says. “We have renovations just throughout our entire facility.”

The improvements include a new spin room, renovated lobby and glide studio.

“This is our new wellness center here, brand new space that we’re gonna have a walk in track around the facility here,” Cobbs says “We will also have new equipment.”

The distance between the two locations is less than a mile. Cobbs says this merger will be the most efficient way to serve the community.

“They’re just so close proximity, serving the same community,” Cobbs says. “It’s going to make us more effective and efficient in order to deliver our mission to the community. It makes a lot of sense.”

Cobb says they’re making members at both locations aware of the merger.

“We’ve communicated via letter and then we’re also just communicated by being on site and talking to the members, letting them know about the changes that are occurring and the unification,” Cobbs says.

Cobbs says it is too early to decide on job cuts. He says the YMCA wants the best staff possible at the new Midtown location.

The merger takes place on August 15th with a ribbon cutting on August 19th.

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