16-Year-Old Arrested in Bramblett Crash


Photo from Lee Co. Sheriff’s Office

An arrest has been made in the crash that killed the Voice of the Auburn Tigers Rod Bramblett and his wife, Paula.

Auburn Police say they’ve arrested and charged 16-year-old Johnston Edward Taylor with two counts of manslaughter for the May 25th crash on Shug Jordan Parkway at West Samford Avenue.

Investigators say Taylor was traveling at an excessive rate of speed, well over the posted 55 mph speed limit, when the crash occurred. They say a toxicology report also revealed marijuana in Taylor’s system.

According to the Auburn Police Dept. report, Taylor had told officers he fell asleep while driving and did not remember what happened. He was injured in the crash.

The report says he was going south on the parkway. The Brambletts’ SUV was stopped or nearly stopped at the intersection when it was hit. The impact caused the teen’s SUV to hit a pedestrian crossing signal and a traffic light pole before it stopped.

The Brambletts’ SUV was pushed through the intersection and hit the curb on the opposite side of the road.

Police say the Brambletts’ injuries prevented either of them from giving a statement about the wreck.

Graphic from Auburn University

The Brambletts and Taylor were taken to East Alabama Medical Center for treatment. Paula Bramblett died in the emergency room of internal injuries. She was 52. Rod Bramblett died of a head injury after being flown to Birmingham for treatment. He was 53.

Taylor was taken into custody and charged as an adult. He was transported to the Lee County Jail where he has been released on a $50,000 bond.

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