Qualifying for Montgomery’s Mayoral Race Begins Tuesday, July 2nd

There are only 57 days left until people living in Montgomery vote for their next mayor and there are a few things that people have on their wish list.

“We need more people on the force so we can have better patrol – more to see to the crime that is happening in this city – work on that. I want it safe for all the children. I want it safe for all of us old people,” said Wilma Berry.

Besides crime, education is a top concern for some people.

“I would like to see there more of an effort put into not only into the public school programs but also the magnet programs – specifically the arts within MPS as a whole,” said Perci Hale.

Community involvement is also a priority – to see the city’s next leader not only knocking on doors before the election but after as well.

“They don’t come to the homeowners association meetings. I’ve never seen a mayor at my homeowners association meeting or whatever. They’re not involved in the community at all,” said Jeronica Shuford.

“I would like for he or she to be a christian or whatever to start off with. Because if you go left or right, there’s a choice to make. I wish all of them well,” said Joseph Hubbard.

Besides issues that people want to see tackled?

“I want someone that is concerned about the citizens of Alabama and understands the diversity that comes with being a resident of such a historic and monumental city,” said Hale.

Qualifying for Montgomery’s mayoral election ends on Tuesday, July 16th.

Montgomery’s municipal election is on Tuesday, August 27th.

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