Reception Issues?

WAKA CBS 8 is part of the FCC-mandated spectrum repack project. From now until September 6, WAKA will be operating at reduced power so that our engineers may safely carry out the project. On September 6, you must rescan you set. PLEASE DO NOT RESCAN NOW. After September 6, your signal should be stronger than ever. Until then, it is critical that your antenna be properly oriented to reduce the chance of losing WAKA during reduced power operation. Please visit the following

site: Put your exact address in. You will see a map of your area. You will also see a list of stations on the left-hand side of the web page. Click on “WAKA”. A black line will be drawn on the map from your address, indicating proper pointing of your antenna. You can zoom in on this map for a close up of your address. Again, exact pointing of your antenna is very critical.


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