4th of July Travel Safety

As many people finalize their plans for the 4th of July holiday, local law enforcement has a strong warning for everyone: do not get behind the wheel of a car drunk and do not put innocent lives in danger.

Montgomery County District Attorney Daryl Bailey says Alabama is now 5th in the nation for traffic fatalities.  One in three of those fatalities is the result of a DUI.

State Troopers have investigated over 260 traffic fatalities so far this year.  That number is down from last year, but law enforcement officials say it is still unacceptable.

“There are too many innocent lives that are lost because of someone’s stupid decision to drink alcohol, take drugs, and get behind the wheel of the car,” Bailey shared.

Troopers investigated eight fatalities last 4th of July.  ALEA will have extra patrols on major roadways and waterways throughout the 4th of July holiday.

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