Senator Doug Jones in Dadeville for Rural Healthcare Roundtable

Rural Healthcare is a hot topic going into next years Primary Elections.

Tuesday Senator Doug Jones was at the Lake Martin Community Hospital to have a roundtable discussion with administration.

Officials from Ivy Creek Healthcare talked with Jones about their concerns and needs.

“Reimbursement issues have been dramatically lower, especially in Alabama and rural healthcare has taken the brunt of that,” said Mike Bruce, CEO of Ivy Creek Healthcare.

Reimbursement was a redundant word at the meeting. Rural hospitals are not receiving the funds they need to provide adequate service.

Some rural healthcare facilities have closed recently due to regulations, high operating cost, and low reimbursement.

Senator Jones said he will take information from this meeting to Washington, and work on ways to reduce regulations and increase reimbursement when it comes to rural health care.

“Their not getting enough money their not getting enough reimbursements from the state or the federal government and we’ve got to do something about that,” said Jones.

Senator Jones said that a rule has been proposed that would bring hundreds of millions of dollars to Alabama for healthcare if it is enforced.

Former Governor Robert Bentley rejected a Medicaid expansion that would have brought millions to the state for healthcare.

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