MPD Warns Against Celebratory Gunfire for 4th of July

Flashback to New Years Eve 2018 and gunshots could be heard throughout Montgomery. It was celebratory gunfire.

Police received hundreds of calls about gunfire that night, now they are pushing back in the fight against the dangerous celerations.

New technology like shot spotter, can identify the location of gunshots.

Star Watch can use surveillance from every available source.

Officials say they have analyzed data from last year and identified “hot spots” where the most gun shots were recorded.

People can expect to see increased police presence in these areas.

The new technology will reduce response times down to seconds.

Officials warn that anyone caught participating in celebratory gunfire will be arrested and prosecuted.

The penalty is a $100 fine, and a mandatory 7 days in jail. The punishment increases with subsequent offenses,

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