Battle Over City Selma City Treasurer Continues

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Selma city treasurer Renita Wade was back in a Dallas County courtroom Monday morning — fighting for her job.

Selma mayor Darrio Melton and the city council are at odds about who has the power to remove the city treasurer.

Wade has been removed as treasurer by the mayor — and reinstated by the city council — three separate times.

Both Wade and Melton took the stand during the hearing.

Montgomery attorney Bobby Segall is representing the city council in the case.

“The city council is not taking a position about whether the mayor did something wrong or didn’t do something wrong, they’re just saying the mayor didn’t have authority to remove Ms. Wade from the performance of her duties, as a legal matter without the agreement of the city council,” says Segall.

Montgomery attorney Julian McPhillips is Wade’s attorney.

“The treasurer of the city of Selma is appointed by the city council, is answerable to the city council in terms of what she does, in terms of duties. They only can remove her.”

The attorney representing Melton declined the opportunity to make a comment.

Circuit Judge Don McMillan is expected to hand down a final ruling in the case within the next ten days.

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