Mother of Lake Jordan Boating Victim Speaks

Leslie Fuller’s life is forever changed.

“Your kids are not supposed to pass away before you and it’s just really heartbreaking for me and my whole family,” said Fuller.

Fuller is the mother of Clay Jackson – one of 2 victims killed after a boating accident on July 4th at Lake Jordan.
Authorities say the accident happened when 2 boats collided. 5 other people were injured. After hours of searching, crews found the bodies of Jackson and 17-year-old Travis House Saturday.

“Before the bodies were found, we were just praying for each other, for the families and for the boys and we wanted to make sure that the boy that was hurt that he was ok,” said Fuller.

Fuller says, her family spent hours waiting for answers.

“They kept telling us they’re getting closer and closer and I guess about one-thirty, I’m not sure. They advised us that they had found his body,” said Fuller.

Jackson leaves behind 2 children.

“He has a 22-month-old little boy and a 6-week-old little girl and our goal is to always make sure that they are taken care of because that is a part of our son,” said Fuller.

Despite the tough moments, Fuller is asking others to be careful on the water.

“I would advise people to watch their speed limit on the boat. There are too many accidents on the water with people speeding and the people that survived on the boat that Clay was on – they had been looking for boats all around the whole time to make sure that nothing was coming and this boat came on so fast they had no way to do anything,” said Fuller.

While the family has set up a GoFundMe page, they are asking for many prayers.

“We’re going to need all the prayers that we can get to get through all of this. That’s the main thing right now,” said Fuller.

There are GoFundMe pages set up for both Jackson and House. Click here to learn more more about about Jackson’s GoFundMe page. Click here to learn more about the GoFund Me page that is set up for Travis House.

Monday, Capt. Gary Buchanan of ALEA Marine Patrol said there were no new updates in the crash.


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