Road Project Could Affect Parking, Tailgate Areas

A new road project is expected to help make traffic flow more smoothly through Troy University’s campus.

Clif Lusk of University Relations says  a new turn-a-bout is in the works.

“This is going to begin a project to replace the red light and install a round-a-bout at the intersection of Veterans Memorial Drive and University Avenue,” Lusk says.

The turnabout will be a replica of two others around the University.

“We’v found that traffic flow is much quicker, much easier to get around, when you take stop signs out and red lights out, and replace them with round-a-bouts,” Lusk says.

A new road is also part of the project.
It will allow easier access to the new student health center,. currently being built.
University officials are anticipating limited parking and tailgate areas until the round-a-bout is complete.

“That will impact the beginning of the fall semester, obviously because this section of University Avenue will be closed. It will affect us early on in football season with some of the initial home games in August,” Lusk says.

Motorists are to use caution, with a new semester and home football games just around the corner.

“Certainly, people have to access some of our buildings over and the parking areas. Just plan for a little bit more time, take your time, slow down and be very watchful of people moving around campus,” Lusk says.

The project is expected to take about 3 months to complete. University officials advise motorists to take an alternate route and avoid the area if possible.

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