“Keep Vehicles Secure,” Troy Police Department Warns

The Troy Police Department is investigating a series of car break-ins the Troy Country Club neighborhood.

Lieutenant Bryan Weed of the Troy Police Department says thieves are stealing a wide range of items from vehicles.

“Anything, from just change, we’e had credit cards and debit cards taken that have been left in vehicles and then, firearms,” Weed says.

The break-ins started after July 6th. Most have been reported in the past 72 hours.
The Troy Police Department says residents need to take their valuables inside their homes and keep their vehicles secure.

“A lot of vehicles were left open, some were broken into forcibly,” Weed says. “You know, the main thing is to if you don’t leave anything in the vehicle, especially firearms, then you have busted window at the most.”

Weed says the police department is working to stop the thefts.

He says the department has been stepping up patrol units in the area.

“We’ve emphasized on picking up the patrols in certain points and places that we feel like are, that we’ve had a lot of activity in,” Weed says.

The Department needs the public’s help to catch the thieves.

“A lot of times, these are crimes of opportunity,” Weed says. “They may just come up and pull the door handle. If it is not unlocked, they move on to the next vehicle.
We have to depend on the public to help us and to help themselves when it comes to property crime.”

If you have information that could help in these cases, call the Troy Police Department at 566-0500.

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