Montgomery’s Lifesouth Blood Center in Need of Donors

There is an urgent plea for blood donors.

Blood supply is critically low right now for Montgomery’s Lifesouth Blood Center. The center has only a 1 day supply on some of the specific O-types of blood.

Friday, people working at the center spent most of the afternoon encouraging people to donate blood. It was all part of their summer kick off event, where people gave blood and enjoyed free food. Center officials, say it only take a few minutes to give the gift of blood. Those minutes consist of a few questions, a check of your vitals, and a mini physical.

“Blood on the shelf to saves lives tomorrow so we just need a constant supply we need people to give 30 45 minutes of their time to come out here and save three lives,” said Lauren Russell, Director of Montgomery’s Lifesouth.

Montgomery’s Lifesouth Center serves east Alabama and the Wiregrass areas.

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