City Enters Three Year Agreement To Help Reduce Environmental, Trash Issues

If there are potholes or other curbside issues in your Montgomery neighborhood, they could be fixed soon.

It comes after a three year agreement between the City and Rubicon Global, a technology company that helps reduce issues and improve resident’s quality of life.

More than 60 city garbage trucks have been equipped with RUBICONSmartcity Technology.

The technology used includes a phone-based app and plug-ins to “spy” on the city.

It will alert operators of environmental, social and trash issues, which will then be fixed.

Mayor Todd Strange announced the formal partnership at a press conference Tuesday. He says the technology will help the city save money and improve customer costs in the River Region.

“It’s also going to make us a lot more efficient,” Strange says. “It’s going to give us the opportunity to have eyes and ears that are out there in the community. Whether it be for sanitation issues or social issues, or even law enforcement issues.”

The partnership comes after a 6 month trial launched in 2018 between the City and Rubicon.
The contract is worth around $250,000.
Mayor Strange says he expects the savings to double over the course of three years.

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