A Properly Displayed Address Number Can Save Your Life

When you call for emergency help you want first responders there as quickly as possible.

Now they are asking for your help, to ensure they get there as soon as possible.

First responders say that at about half of their emergency calls, there is not a properly displayed address number.

In rural areas, that number jumps up to about 70 percent of residences that do not have properly displayed address numbers.

Here are some tips, to ensure responders find you as quick as possible.

  • Use 3 to 5 inch reflective numbers to display address numbers.
  • Have the numbers posted on both sides of the mailbox.
  • Post numbers to the front of the residence.
  • Do not have trees or shrubs blocking the numbers.
  • Where acceptable, paint numbers on a curb.
  • In rural areas a simple post or pole with address numbers is helpful.
  • Make sure numbers posted on a home are at eye level.
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