Pike County Farmers Praying For Rain

It’s been a tough year for many Alabama farmers as dry weather conditions continue.

Some Pike County farmers say their crops are improving thanks to some recent rain.

James Bunce is a cotton and peanut farmer out of Brundidge.

“In some areas, they’re real good where we’ve had the rain,” Bunce says.

He says his cotton fields are getting the water they need to produce.

“I can take you four to five miles up the road and right where there’s water standing in the field,” Bunce says.

A few miles away, the crops tell a different story.

“It’s hit and miss in the thundershowers,” Bunce says.

Off a county road in Brundidge, peanut crops are behind schedule. The Alabama drought and weather conditions are still hindering some crop growth in the county.

“This field right here is some of the peanuts we ever planted,” Bunce says. “If we would have had the rains that we should have right here, they should be lapping.”

The peanut fields are proof the drought. Where rows are normally closed in with growth, there are spaces that can be seen for yards.

“I’m just praying and hoping it gets some rain,” Bunce says.

Harvest season arrives in September.
Farmers say it’s too early to determine if the peanut crop will produce enough to keep grocery store prices low. They say corn is seeing higher prices.

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