Back to School Sales Tax Holiday

It’s shop ’till you drop for families looking for back to school supplies.  The 2019 Sales Tax Holiday officially starts today.

This weekend means some school supplies, computers and clothing are all tax free.  We stopped by an office depot where parents were out early to cash in on the savings before the crowds hit.  Some stores have even more deals for shoppers this weekend and are preparing for more traffic than usual.  Families we talked to say back to school shopping can add up quickly.

“With all the supplies that they need, and you have children going to college, this is just outstandingly good for them,” explained Georgia Crawford.

“Early is better, later you’re going to be frustrated, you’re going to be hot and it’s going to be packed. I got up at 5:30 and left my house at a quarter to seven,” shared Deborah Hall.

The Sales Tax Holiday runs through Sunday night.  For a full list of tax free items click here.

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