Wetumpka Community Progresses 6 Months After EF-2 Tornado

Homes, churches, and local businesses felt the impact of January’s EF-2 tornado in Wetumpka.

But the community is already making room for “the new.”

We’re ready to stop looking at old busted up stuff and start building new stuff,” said Jonathan Yarboro, the pastor of First Presbyterian Church in Wetumpka.

Heavily damaged parts of first Presbyterian Church have recently been removed.

“The last of what’s going away is now gone and cleaned up so we’re ready to start the rebuilding process,” said Yarboro.

Since March, the congregation has been worshiping in the fellowship hall, that was also damaged but has since been repaired. The new church will be built in the same location. It’s expected to be done sometime next year.

“The new facility on the outside will look almost identical to what used to be here. Same architectural style, same dimensions, all that stuff. It’s going to look very much the same,”  said Yarboro.

Meanwhile, Wetumpka Mayor Jerry Willis says one of the city’s major accomplishment is securing a vacant Wells Fargo building, for the Wetumpka Police Department. The department’s headquarters was destroyed during the tornado.

“There’s still a lot of work to do. Within a couple of weeks, we hope to have our crews in to start the remodeling of the building to make it suitable for the police department,” said Willis.

Mayor Willis says while the major clean-up for the city is done, it will take more time for everything to be back to normal.

“In our future, probably a year, year and a half or so, we will still be cleaning up after the tornado but it’s just part of the process,” said Willis.

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