Humane Society Working Hard After Intake of Dogs

The Humane Society of Elmore County employees are working hard, after 72 dogs were brought to the shelter from one home.

“They were surrendered to us,” Executive Director Rea Cord says. “It’s a little bit overwhelming for the shelter on top of all the other dogs and cats that we have here.”

Cord says this is nothing new– that same owner has brought dozens of animals to the shelter before.

“There all kinds of chihuahua, terrier, a couple of beagles, a little bit of mixes,” Cord says. “They’re all adults,one to four years old, most of them. There’s a couple that are a little bit older.”

The Elmore County community is stepping up to help– bringing food and other donations.

“The public met that demand in a huge way, so we are good thanks to those wonderful people who donated and had it shipped in,” Cord says. “The work load on the staff has been pretty incredible, because we also, for those various reasons that happened have been a little bit short staffed all at the same time.”

Cord says there is a solution to prevent problems like this- when you are deciding on whether or not to bring a pet in your home– make sure you are prepared and ready for the responsibility.

“That’s what the problem is when you don’t spay- neuter,” Cord says. “Had just a few been spayed or neutered up front and kept, everybody would have been happy. But if not, this is what happens in a few years is all of a sudden, you have this overwhelming number of animals and the individual just could no longer take care of them.”

The shelter workers say they are working to get the dogs ready for adoption.
Nearly a dozen of those dogs have already been adopted.

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