New Development in Cloverdale

We’re getting an update on new development underway in Old Cloverdale.  City leaders say this new project will have major impacts on this popular part of town.

This development will bring new apartments and more retail to Fairview Avenue in Old Cloverdale.   Councilman Arch Lee says it’s an exciting time to live in this part of town.  He says this area attracts businesses because it’s surrounded by neighborhoods and right by Huntingdon College.   He says this area continues to grow, without losing its historic charm.

“It’s that fine mix between we don’t want it to die down, we want some livelihood, but it’s not a downtown, it’s not an eastchase. Hopefully this will be what we’re looking for, a good happy medium,” explained Lee.

Many empty storefronts in the area are now under renovation to make way for new businesses.

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