Trio Arrested on Drug Charges in Dallas County

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

A drug bust at a home in Dallas County — lands three people behind bars.

Sheriff Mike Granthum says 67 year old Jan Thompson is facing multiple drug charges.

He says Thompson was arrested Monday when agents from his new NET-27 drug task force conducted a search warrant at her home in the Tyler community.

“You don’t necessarily run into a 67 year old female that deals drugs everyday,” said Granthum. “Was she a user? We’ve yet to determine that. But we know for sure, she was a dealer.”

Granthum says during the search, agents found a large amount of meth — drug paraphernalia — several handguns — and an undisclosed amount of cash.

“She was actually using this as a drive-thru drug place, as you can tell by the meth pipes. I don’t know if she was renting meth pipes or what, but there was 15 to 20 different meth pipes, that I guess you could you know buy your drugs and smoke it all in one stop.

Granthum says 32 year old Erica Seales — and 34 years old Marcus Mehan — both of Dallas County — were also arrested on drug charges during the search.

“One of our main problems in Dallas County is dope. And if you do drugs in Dallas County, get ready, the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office is going to come pay you a visit, we’re going to come knock on your door,” said Granthum.

“We want to send a message. We want people to know we’re not tolerating it.”

Granthum says authorities began investigating — after getting reports about high traffic volume at Thompson’s house.

Thompson — Seales — and Mehan — are all being held in the Dallas County Jail.

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