Back to School: Montgomery Holds National Training for SROs

Law enforcement officers from all over Central Alabama are preparing for a new school year by participating in a national training course.

CrimeStoppers has sponsored a National Association of School Resource Officers’ (NASRO) training course. The course is a forty-hour block of instruction spread over five days for 42 officers. The training helps provide tools for officers to build positive relationships with both students and staff.
The course emphasizes three main areas of instruction: function of law enforcement, mentoring students and guest speaking.
Pamela Revels, an instructor for the National Association of School Resource Officers training course, says another major focus is prevention.
“Prevention comes in building positive relationships with young people. If they know you and they trust you, they’ll come and tell you things that are going on in their campus, things are going on with them, and that’s the prevention piece,” said Revels.
Montgomery Police Department Sgt. R.D. Calhoun says the biggest key in prevention is notification.

“If you know or have knowledge of information, get it to someone. You can do it anonymously through Crimestoppers or any type of secret witness hotline you have. That’s the biggest key,” said Sgt. Calhoun.

Crimestoppers is also preparing to unveil a new app in which trainees are getting a first look inside the app and how it works.

“We’re pushing a Campus P3 app or a new app called Campus P3. It’ll primarily be a pilot program for the Montgomery School System and Pike Road City School System,” Tony Garrett, Executive Director of Central Alabama CrimeStoppers said.
The goal is to make it easier for students to come forward with tips or important information and remain completely anonymous. The app is free and will be available to download from both Google Play and Apple stores.
“It’s going to be a very important app for us in law enforcement and we hope the students will use this app to allow us to help them,” said Prattville Police Department Lt. Ray Wagner.

CrimeStoppers has sponsored NASRO training for the past three years. A grant was obtained from the Alabama Department of Economic and Community Affairs (ADECA) to pay for the majority of funds. Other funds were secured through ongoing fundraising efforts conducted by CrimeStoppers Board of Directors.”We see up to 300% as far as information being turned into CrimeStoppers from these Resource Officers making contact with these students,” said Garrett.

Training will end Friday, July 25, with a course review and final exam.
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