A Suspicious House Fire Sparks an Arson Investigation in Marion

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

An arson investigation is underway in Marion after a suspicious fire breaks out a home late Tuesday night.

Police Chief Patrick Essex says firefighters and police responded to the fire call  on the 300 block of Monroe Street. He says when they arrived they found a fire burning under the house.

“The fire department responded quick on it. And they got a chance to put it out before get to far gone,” said Essex. “It was some tenants in the house when the fire occurred — but everybody made it out safe, nobody got hurt.”

Essex says the tenant — and the landlord — are now each blaming each other for setting the fire.

“Just before this fire occurred they had been to court, the landlord and the tenant. And it was a battle going on with them about this house. He was trying to evict this tenant out the house but the court gave her so many days to get out this house.”

Essex says the State Fire Marshal’s office has been called in to investigate.

Anyone with information that could help investigators — call Marion Police at (334) 683-9072.

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