Montgomery Woman’s Dog Mistakenly Euthanized

Kimberly Wright’s life forever changed, now that her pit bull Vinny is gone.

Her dog was picked up by animal control Monday, then taken to the Montgomery Humane Society.

“I had a notice from the humane society that he had been picked up because he broke loose and he was in the street,” said Wright.

After she received word that her dog was picked up after escaping Monday, she immediately headed to the humane society to bring Vinny home.

“We walked through the back trailer of the humane shelter, calling out his name with the director,” said Wright.

But he couldn’t be found. Tuesday, Wright received a phone call she never expected.  Steven Tears, the Executive Director of the Montgomery Humane Society told her there was a mix up and Vinny was no longer alive.

I asked him how it happened? Where was the other dog? Why was Vinny not tagged properly. If he was tagged as a lost dog he should’ve just been claimed,” said Wright.

Tears says the humane society has a system in place, but unfortunately something went wrong.

“Somewhere that system broke down. So we’re in the midst of going through all of our procedures, adding steps, even though they’ve been very successful for many years, ” said Tears.

He says each cage is color coded, everything is inspected and the behavior of the animals is accessed. But Wright’s dog and the dog that was supposed to be euthanized were side by side.

“At a glance when you’re dealing with two vicious dogs, I guess in the midst of trying to stay safe when missed a step or didn’t verify a step,” said Tears.

Tears says he and his team are also devastated. But he also admits there is no excuse.

“If a dog was supposed to be euthanized, a dog should be tagged for that and my dog should never be around another dog that’s going to be put to sleep,” said Wright.

The shelter is cremating the dog for Wright. The correct dog was euthanized after Wright’s dog was euthanized.

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