Political Analyst Steve Flowers Weighs In On Second Congressional District Seat

Alabama News Network’s political analyst Steve Flowers is sharing his thoughts on the 2020 race for the state’s 2nd Congressional District, now that current Congresswoman Martha announced she is not seeking reelection.

“It was a surprise first of all, her not running, because I think she had a safe, smooth ride for a long tenure in Congress,” Flowers says.

After serving almost 10 years as a Congresswoman, Martha Roby will not seek reelection.
Flowers says it leaves a short amount of time for someone to make the decision to run for that seat.

“With only a six month window, it helps someone who is a state-wide official who has state-wide name recognition already or somebody who is sitting out there who may have never run for office or run for Congress that can write a check for over a million dollars and not miss it,” Flowers says.

That district stretches to parts of South and Central Alabama, including the Wiregrass, Andalusia and Troy.
“Elmore and Autauga have a bulk of the votes in that district because Montgomery is not all together,” Flowers says.

Several legislators could be interested in making a move from the Alabama State House to Capitol Hill.

“Especially legislators and state-wide officials because they’ve got what I call a free shot,” Flowers says. “See, most legislators and people who are in state-wide offices were elected to a four-year term last year.”

Flowers says it’s possible that a candidate who is in the 2020 Senate race might decide to switch to this Congressional race, as long as they live in the District.

“That means this seat comes open in 2020. Therefore, they don’t risk their seat that they’re currently in by running. So you’ll see a host of legislators taking a one-time shot at being a congressman,” Flowers says.

Flowers also says the future of the Second Congressional District seat could be in jeopardy, depending on the outcome of next year’s census.

The bottom line is Alabama and some other conservative states are probably going to lose a congressional seat. That doesn’t mean its going to go away, but its going to be altered dramatically,” Flowers says.

The primary election is set for March 3rd.

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