Man Arrested in Connection with Brundidge Robbery Homicide

A man is behind bars tonight in Pike County in connection with last week’s deadly gas station robbery in Brundidge. Authorities say the suspect has a long criminal record.

Leon Terrell Flowers, 23, of Troy, has been arrested and charged in the robbery-homicide at the J&S Buy Rite gas station in Brundidge. He’s been charged with Capital Murder and Robbery of 30-year-old Neil Kummar, a Troy University graduate student.

The incident occurred Wednesday, July 24 just after 6:00 a.m. Pike County Sheriff Russell Thomas calling it “a heinous crime.”

According to law enforcement officials, Flowers had four prior felony convictions, including a charge of manslaughter in a 2015 shooting death.
He was convicted of the crime and was set to serve a split sentence of 18 years, with three years spent in prison and the rest on probation.

“The deceased father asked for some leniency, but we did not,” Pike County District Attorney Thomas Anderson says. “We wanted a stiffer sentence, he was released and he was let free and he committed this offense.”

Flowers served three years in the Pike County jail while awaiting trial. He was released on probation beginning April 30 for time served: “In my opinion, he shouldn’t have been out to begin with,” Anderson said. “He was only out for a matter of months before this happened.”

He’s been charged in the murder of Kumar, who worked at the gas station. Police said Flowers entered the store in an attempt to rob it, pulled out his gun then fired.

Thomas said flowers was developed as a suspect soon after the murder: “You know, I don’t want to give a lot of specifics about the case because it’s still an active investigation,” Thomas said. “It’s on-going but it was probably within hours.”

The victim’s family was at the press conference, but declined to talk to media. Brundidge Police Chief Moses Davenport said his town can breathe a little easier with the suspect behind bars: “It is so far-fetched for our town for something like this to happen,” Davneport said. “But thank goodness for all the agencies that responded to this. I think the citizens of Brundidge will rest a little more at ease than they would have the day before yesterday after hearing about this crime. So I think Brundidge is going to be okay.”

Flowers is being held without bond in the Pike County jail.

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