Memorial Service Held for K9 Jake

A memorial service honoring the life of a prison search dog who died earlier this month was held Tuesday.
Jake, an Alabama Department of Correction’s K9, became ill after detecting a narcotic during a drug search at a state prison on June 18th.

Over a hundred people came to honor the sacrifice the dog made at Staton Correctional Facility in Elmore County.

“He tragically lost his life in the line of duty protecting the citizens of Alabama inside the prison system,” ADOC Commissioner Jeff Dunn says.

It was a service many won’t soon forget.

“The lesson I learned from Jake is do what you love, and if you’re doing what you love, there’s never a day of work,” Jake’s handler Sargaent Quentin Jones says.

Jake and Jones were part of a prison drug search, when the K9 alerted authorities of a drug substance.

Seconds later, he became unresponsive.
Two days later, Jake passed away after developing an infection, as a result.

“As you heard in the service, he was known for being very aggressive and exceptional at the work that he did,” Dunn says. “But then he had a little bit of a softer side.”

Not only was Jake an asset to the corrections department, people at the ceremony say he was also a close friend to his handler.

“I spent more times talking about my problems to him than I did my wife,” Jones says. “It’s kind of like a ‘ I know you, you know me. I’m learning from him, he’s learning from me.”

The two had been partners since 2014.
While Jake may be gone, Jones says he will never forget his best friend.

“You may see something’s that’s not good, but today you saw something beautiful. you saw a community,” Jones says.
“They live, eat, sleep, work together hours and hours on end,” Dunn says. “And the relationship, that bond that’s built between the canine handler and the dog is incredible.”

The Alabama DOC says the incident remains under investigation.
It has not identified who is responsible for the contraband that led to Jake’s death.

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