Apple Watch Saves Crenshaw County Woman’s Life

One Brantley woman says her Apple Watch helped save her life.

A little over a year ago Chandler Robertson was headed to Andalusia for physical therapy when she was involved in a horrible accident. Recently, the tech giant confirmed that her Apple Watch did in fact, help save her life.

“If it wasn’t for the Apple Watch, I possibly wouldn’t be here and then I definitely wouldn’t be walking,” said Robertson.

The accident happened early one foggy morning on July 20th when she came upon an area known as “Dead Man’s Curve.”

“I missed the curve and was on cruise control, so I was going 55, the speed limit,” said Robertson.

Robertson’s vehicle left the roadway, rolled and then hit a tree. She says she remembers waking up upside down, unable to move or find her phone. She then used her Apple Watch to call her mom, her boyfriend and 911 but the calls dropped. On the second attempt, Robertson was able to stay connected to 911 long enough for them to find her.

“I talked to them for 14 minutes and I was able to tell them if they were getting closer or further away by hearing the sirens,” said Robertson.

It took almost 45 minutes for first responders to pry her out of her car. Her phone was later found outside of the vehicle.

“The cop that found me thought that there was somebody else that was there because he was like ‘There is no way that you were talking to me. Your phone is outside of the car’,” Robertson explained.

She says not only did the watch make the call for help, but it also saved her from being paralyzed.

“I was a millimeter away from cutting my spinal cord. So, if I would have moved just an inch, I wouldn’t be walking,” said Robertson.

Prior to the accident, Robertson worked as a flight attendant and traveled the world. She says her job training helped keep her calm under stressful and high pressure situations. While on the phone with 911, she was able to explain some of her injuries to first responders before they reached the scene.

Robertson had several injuries including a leg laceration, spleen laceration, six broken ribs and a broken back. She was transferred to a hospital in Pensacola and spent 10 days in the hospital after a nine hour back surgery.

“You just don’t think about it. Everyday could be the last so you just have to live it that way,” said Robertson.

Robertson encourages everyone to have some kind of watch that connects to your phone because it could help save your life.

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