Traffic Reporter Jerry Howell Celebrates 20 Years With Alabama News Network

photo of Alabama News Network traffic reporter Jerry Howell

Our very own traffic reporter Jerry Howell is celebrating a big milestone with Alabama News Network. Jerry has been our “eyes in the sky” for 20 years now, joining the Alabama News Network team in July of 1999.

Since then, Jerry has had a bird’s eye view not only to the growing amount of cars on Montgomery’s roadways, but the city’s notable growth.

“I’ve just seen the city develop right under my eyes” Howell explained, “What I’ve seen from the sky is a cow pasture in part of Montgomery, become EastChase”.

A lot has changed in Jerry’s two decades with Alabama News Network. “There were no cams” he explained, “all we had were scanners and I would be up for six hours a day in the airplane” he continued, standing next to a 1969 Cessna plane. “I’ve put thousands of hours on this airplane doing traffic”.

Thanks to a network of hundreds of cameras, apps, and a team of traffic exports working with him, Howell no longer has to take flight every morning to keep you up-to-date on all things traffic in the city.

With so many advancements, here’s what he had to say when asked about the next 20 years in the field: “Well I don’t know about the future of traffic but I do know that Jerry is going to be flying this airplane and having fun with it”.

With nearly a quarter century with Alabama News Network in the books Howell says he has no plans of flying off or signing off the airways anytime soon.

You can catch Jerry Howell’s live traffic reports on CBS 8 and ABC 32 every morning on Alabama News Rising from 5-7am and every evening at 5:00 on CBS 8 and 5:30 on ABC 32.

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