Students in Selma Head Back to School

From the West Alabama Newsroom–

Summer break is officially over — and it was back to school for students in the Selma City School district Monday.

“It’s so exciting being back for another school year, and welcoming our scholars, and teachers and parents back for another year.”

Superintendent Dr. Avis Williams visited Selma High School and toured several classrooms.

She says the first day of school got off to a smooth start — and she’s looking forward to a productive school year.

She says removing barriers that hinder student achievement will be a point of focus this year.

“We want to make sure that as we’re putting things in place for them to be successful that we don’t have unnecessary fees, unnecessary paperwork, that we’re taking into consideration, the whole child and meeting their needs holistically,” said Williams.

“When we say ‘Students First,’ we mean all our scholars. Just making sure we’re leveling the playing field so that all of our scholars have opportunities for success.”

School officials spent the day greeting students — finalizing rosters — and tweeking class schedules.

Selma City Schools serves about 3000 students.

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