Developments Coming to Tuskegee at I-85 Exit 38

Drive past exit 38 on I-85 , and you can’t help but to notice all the construction happening.

Alabama News Network has confirmed that the developments will be restaurants,a hotel, a Greyhound bus station,  and a gas station.

The first restaurant to open will be Popeye’s Louisiana Chicken will be the first restaurant to open.

It is expected to open at the end of  September, with the gas station opening soon afterward.

There are also plans for a Shoney’s, Huddle House, and Little Ceasar’s Pizza will round out the restaurants.

Officials also expect to open a hotel, and a Greyhound bus station on the site.

Tuskegee Mayor Tony Haygood says the site is ideal, because there is not much development between Montgomery and Auburn.

“Located right here in Tuskegee off of exit 38 , you get a lot of traffic not only from Tuskegee, but the Auburn activity as well. Auburn University and Tuskegee University they create a lot of activity that these developments will address.” said Haygood.

Construction on all of the planned developments are expected to be finished sometime in Fall 2020.


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