The Latest on Pregnancy & Toddler Tantrums + Autism & Speaking + Social Media Under the Influence

A British study suggested conflicts between expectant couples may be linked to behavior problems in their toddlers. Research on first-time parents found moms who were stressed out during pregnancy were more likely to see their two-year-olds display temper tantrums, restlessness, and spitefulness. The study highlighted the need for support for expectant fathers as well as mothers.

Plus, A large Stanford study indicates Pivotal Response Treatment may best motivate children with autism to speak. P.R.T. encourages communication by zeroing in on specific objects that interest the child. Researchers found it not only increased communication skills but also broadened social abilities.

Finally, A New York University study tracking young adults found more than one-third have posted on social media while high… with most regretting it. Researchers said marijuana users were at the highest risk.

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